KAPS has trained more than 15 artists in last 5 years in the tradition of Kangra miniatures. Some of the artists continue to be associated with the society for last 5 years are:

Monu Kumar

He has dedicated himself to the artistic mission and challenge. He has an unceasing desire to inspire and believes that if he manages to inspire even one person through his art, he would have contributed to the world around him meaningfully. His paintings reflect artist’s intense affinity with his subject.

Won third prize in Kangra Miniature painting competition held by the Himachal Pradesh Language, Art and Culture Academy.
Won first prize in Kangra Miniature Painting, organized by Directorate Language Art and Culture at Kangra Art Museum, Dharamshala

Pawan Deep Bansal

When he sits down with his palette and paints he finds himself in a new world, expressing various colors of life and eternal bliss. Painting de stresses him and provides him with internal satisfaction. God blessed him this innate talent and has been painting since early childhood years and has been working as a full time artist for over 7 years.

Deepak Bhandari

Nothing brings him more pride then to glide his brush across an empty space, and give it life. He has the ability to visually translate emotion with color. What gives him deep satisfaction is not the final outcome but, the process of creating the art work. Each finished art work motivates him to give life to a new piece and extemporize further.

Sushil Kumar

The creative energy he derives from painting gives him mental strength to tackle all mundane issues in life effortlessly. He has been pursuing painting for the last 15 years or so. He loves capturing footprints of emotions and feelings. There is an affinity to painting in the family. He kept experimenting mostly on his own, since childhood and tried to benchmark himself via various paintings.

Rajeev Kumar

Vibrant colorful landscapes tend to fascinate him the most. It’s an inborn talent in him which he got from his ancestors. The intricacy and elegance of Kangra Painting, has inspired the artist considerably. The untamed beauty of Mother Nature is another reason for the artist to get attracted to this art form. He loves to try, learn, and experiment with different forms & styles of paintings.
Won second prize in Kangra Miniature Painting, organized by Directorate Language Art and Culture at Kangra Art Museum, Dharamshala


His key objective is to paint a ‘painting’, not merely reproduce a scene. He never endeavors to reproduce a landscape but rather, to create an art work that is a piece of reality in itself. It is not the painting but, the paint that eventually becomes the reality. He paints forms as he thinks them, not as he sees them. His art is a way of showing the beauty of the astounding environment we live in.