Workshop at GAV Senior Secondary School

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As part of our initiative to spread awareness about Kangra arts amongst school children, KAPS organized a workshop at the G.A.V School in Kangra. Conducted by our senior  artists, the workshop had a great turnout of 40 students between the ages of 12 and 17.


The children were first introduced to the history of the dying Kangra art form and the role of KAPS in reviving it. They were taught about the process of creating a Kangra painting – starting from the type of ink used and how it is derived from natural objects to the preparation of the special paper on which these paintings are made.


This was followed by an hour-long drawing session wherein they followed the artist’s instructions and made their own copies of classic examples of Kangra art figures (faces of Radha-Krishna, Krishna’s headdress and different features of the face).


Judging by their enthusiastic response, the event was definitely a success!



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