Workshop for 100 Central Government Employees

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KAPS conducted two days workshop cum orientation programme for 100 Central Government officers, organized by ‘Institute of Secretariat Training & Management’ (ISTM).


The workhop started with an introductory note from Mr Varun Rattan Singh, secretary of KAPS. He discussed various aspects related to KAPS. A lecture was organised where eminent Professor of Art and Literature Shri Gautam Vyatith, discussed history of arts, how socio and cultural issues creating an impact on art and the uniqueness of Pahari/ Kangra paintings. The officers were given personalized training by resident artists of KAPS. They were taught about the process of creating a Kangra painting – starting from the type of colour used and how it is derived from natural objects to the preparation of the special paper on which these paintings are made.   A visit to Kangra Fort and Masroor Temple were arranged as part of field visit .



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