The year 2018 at Kangra Arts Promotion Society

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The Kangra Arts Promotion Society (KAPS) has been taking several initiatives to revive the Kangra Miniature Art and encourage youngsters to learn the techniques of this art form. KAPS is also trying to preserve the traditional style of painting as well as provide support to the artisans who are practising this declining art form.

Here’s a roundup of the various workshops and activities conducted by KAPS in Himachal region and across the Country in 2018.

Workshops, Exhibitions and Camps:

  • A 10-day event was held in January 2018 in the Thanjavur region in Tamil Nadu. The event was hosted by South Zone Culture Centre. KAPS was represented by the artists – Monu, Deepak Bhandari, Ajit Kumar, Sushil Kumar, Dhani Ram and Lal Singh, who participated in the wall painting activity.

  • KAPS also organized a workshop in Chamba in Himachal Pradesh. The event was hosted by the Bhasha Sanskriti Vibhag. In this camp, our artist Monu represented KAPS along with the Kangra Art master artist Dhani Ram. This workshop covered Kangra Art miniatures and paintings.
  • Similarly, camps were organised at Kalagram in Chandigarh, and by artists Poonam and Suman during Geeta Jayanti at Kurukshetra.
  • In September, KAPS in collaboration with Department of Tourism, Central University Himachal Pradesh exhibited Kangra paintings by various resident artists at the University campus. Also, students organised a demo on the techniques of Kangra miniature paintings.


  • Also, in September a workshop was conducted at Judges Court, Pragpur. The programme was hosted by artists Monu Kumar and Arvind Kumar. The workshop saw a good turnout of participants. By the end of the workshop, some participants were able to draw and sketch Radha and Krishna’s face with guidance from the artists.


  • A demo class to create awareness about Kangra miniature art was held in Export Mall in Delhi.


 Gallery Inauguration:

  1. A new art gallery was inaugurated in Mcleodganj in July 2018. The gallery was inaugurated by Ms Purnima Chauhan, Secretary Language Art & Culture, Government of Himachal Pradesh.


Awards and Recognition:

  • Honourable President of India Shri. Ramnath Kovind during his visit to Himachal Pradesh in October was felicitated with Kangra miniature paintings made by KAPS resident artists Monu Kumar and Atul Kumar. It was indeed a proud moment for KAPS team!



  • Shri Deepak Bhandari, alumni of Chitera Art School, received the Kalidas Samman Award.


In addition to this, the society is currently working on marketing and promotional activities to create more awareness about the art form across the country, especially in urban centres. A catalogue is being prepared which will help art enthusiasts know more about the paintings and would also aid the staff in explaining the paintings to the visitors who visit the art gallery.


Reviving a dying art form is an arduous task, and it cannot be done without the support of patrons. We hope in this New Year, more young people will come forward to learn this art as well as wholeheartedly support the artists engaged in preserving this traditional art form.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year from everyone at KAPS!



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