Customized Workshops

Everybody appreciates art. But not many can acquire them due to shortage and unavailability of these “original works”. Keeping this in mind we at KAPS have always endeavored to make it possible for artists to reach out to the ordinary man. In pursuit of our objective of promoting the art, KAPS will be conducting regular workshops, and workshops on demand for art lovers.

We have Art Appreciation workshops for beginners and Art Professional. These are residential classes and the organization will be provided lodging apart from the painting, and course material. The duration of the workshop will depend on the availability of the artist however, advance booking is essential to make the arrangements.

The curriculum for the workshops will depend upon the time for which participants are expected to be with us. Since these workshops are customized and designed according to the requirements of the participant, no curriculum has been fixed. Yet, by the end of the course, Participants will be able to draw and sketch as per Master Artist instructions and satisfaction, Able to use the special brushes correctly and sketch the figures, identify and differentiate appropriate colors according to form, figure and landscape. Develop an understanding of various materials used for making colors.

It’s a discovery of a new person within themselves. This isn’t restricted to Indian nationals alone. We also have foreign nationals following the path of self discovery through Art.

Charges per participant for;

  • Art Appreciation workshop for beginners are for Rs. 1800 per day for 1 participant
    • Discount of 25% per participant, for 2 participants
    • Discount of 30% per participant for 3 and more participants
  • Art Professionals are Rs. 2500 per day for 1 participant
    • Discount of 20% per participant, for 2 participants
    • Discount of 25% per participant for 3 and more participants