Fictive Talent Camp

Vacation is the time for children to take time off from the regular chore of going to school and getting down to the curriculum. So, this is in another way, an opportunity to hone certain life skills while having fun. Keeping this in mind, KAPS has started Creative Camps for the children.

We invite various schools to send group of their students for attending the same.The camp will give an opportunity to the children to discover their hidden potentials in creative fields; right skills imparted now can help them shape their life and future.

KAPS has come up with a unique idea to help the children gain confidence. Since we are an art promotion society where our continuous endeavor is to promote Kangra Art, we see in children budding artist of tomorrow. We plan to introduce them to this art form of Himachal Pradesh. Students will be supervised by the master artist so that they can develop a sense of understanding about the art

The core ingredients of the program are as follows:

  • History of Kangra Painting
  • Pahari style of paintings
  • Famous work done in this field
  • Learning fundamentals e.g. coloring techniques, thematic style, Sketching Techniques
  • Excursion
  • Certificate of participation

Participants will be able to develop an understanding about various art forms and appreciate importance of art. The uniqueness of Pahari Art form will be known to them. They should be able to draw broad outlines of the figures and landscape. Using various color combinations for lending depth and giving a 3D effect will be known to them apart from befriending minute techniques.

The charges for 5 days camp are Rs 9,000 per participant.

The charges are inclusive of lodging,  instructors’ fees and cost of material to be provided by KAPS.