KAPS has been actively engaged in reviving the Kangra School of paintings for the last 3 years. This art form flourished from 14th century till the 18th century mainly due to the patronage extended by the royalty.

Making a Kangra miniature painting is a painstaking work and sometimes requires more than month to finish a single painting. This leads to higher costs of these paintings and therefore reduced patronage. Due to these reasons the artists slowly started moving away from this art as they barely manage to eke out a living.

Inspite of these ground level issues our organisation has managed to influence 15 youngsters across Kangra to take up this art and get trained by our master artisans. This has been made possible by generous support from our patrons like  Dr. Akshai Runchal. By utilising annual grants received from him we have not only trained our pupils but also provided a monthly stipend to keep them motivated and interested in this art. It is these artists who ultimately will help us keep our culture and identity alive.

It is our appeal to the connoisseurs of art to come forward as patrons and support our organization to revive this art . The donations received from you will  be used in the following manner:

  1. Scouting for young talent interested in becoming Kangra painting’s artist
  2. Providing scholarship to the students of this art during the course of their study with us
  3. Providing honorarium to the master artists working with Chitera, our art school
  4. Covering costs of procuring material like natural colours, paper etc.

If you think this work inspires and you would like to support some of artisans then get in touch with our team at We will respond to your queries and help you provide scholarship to our next batch of young artists.