KAPS congratulates Sh. Vijay Sharma on receiving Padam Shree

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The Kangra Arts Promotion Society alongwith all its members and artistes congratulates Sh. Vijay Sharma on receiving Padam Shree award this year. We are very happy that contribution of Sh. Vijay Sharma towards development of Kangra and Basholi styles of miniature painting has been recognized by the Government of India. This recognition is not only to his individual achievements but also to the Kangra Painting which has had a very glorious past.

Sh. Vijay Sharma is not only an artiste par excellence but he has also enriched this art by writing many books on technique and historical perspective of Kangra and Basholi paintings. Kangra Arts Society also thanks him for providing his expert guidance to the Society in training young artistes so that tradition of great Kangra painting does not die down with passage of time.

Sh. Vijay Sharma is associated with the Society since its inception in 2007 and we hope that he will continue to do so.


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