Presently there are very few painters practising Kangra painting, and being unable to subsist on this alone, they also adopt it as their part time vocation. Without the proper opportunity of marketing, these painters are unable to make contact with potential buyers. On the other hand, buyers do not have a place from where they can buy authentic and quality Kangra miniatures.

In order to preserve and revive the Kangra school of Pahari painting, the KAPS has opened ‘Chitera’- an institute of Kangra painting at the premises of the Museum of Kangra Art at Dharamsala in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. His Excellency, the Governor of Himachal Pradesh Sh. V.S.Kokje inaugurated this institute on 11th September, 2007. The prime concern of ‘Chitera’ institute is to train budding painters in the tradition of Kangra School of painting in the Guru-Shishya parampara and also to provide a centre for the sale of authentic and quality Kangra paintings.

The students for the ‘Chitera’ Institute  are selected after assessing their basic painting skills and aptitude toward this art. They undergo one-year intensive training under the master artists. After completion of pupils’ training they will be offered work in the institution and make Kangra paintings under the supervision of Master artists. The institution will arrange to sell their paintings at remunerative prices. Thus, the institute will be functioning as training school-cum-workshop-cum sales centre. No fee is charged from the students and they are provided free art material. To take care of students’ pocket expenses, a scholarship of Rupees 1500 p.m. is also being paid to them.