Workshop with TravelTroovel

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It was a wonderful workshop with #TravelTroovel team at KAPS studio, today June 25, 2017. People from different walks of life participated in this workshop with high enthusiasm.

The workshop was divided mainly into 2 sections. In the first 1 hour  KAPS resident artists  introduced the group to Kangra miniatures, informed them about the origins &  history of Kangra miniatures.

In the next 2 hours  the group got the chance to have hands on experience on drawing and sketches. KAPS artists gave them demonstration about how to make colours, how to draw figures, landscape etc.

At the end of 3 hours session, the response was overwhelming when some the participants were able to draw and sketch as per artists instructions  Radha’s face, hands, Figures, Birds, Trees, Flowers,  etc.








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